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Rexx/Curses provides Rexx programmers with an interface to the curses library, enabling the writing of portable text-based user interface programs in Rexx. The Curses library is available on most platforms. On Un*x like operating systems, such as Linux, Solaris, AIX etc, the curses library used is usually ncurses. This provides an interface within a terminal such as xterm. On systems that run X11, Rexx/Curses can be used with the X11 port of PDCurses. This provides an interface as a native X11 window.
On other platforms such as Windows, OS/2, DOS, PDCurses is the curses library to use.


Online documentation as a single HTML page can be found by clicking on the Documentation button on the left.


With Rexx/Curses on SourceForge, support resources for Rexx/Curses. such as mailing lists, discussion forums, bug reporting and feature requests are available.

Rexx/Curses is freeware, distributed under the Common Public License v1.0.

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